Hello and thank you for visiting my site.

If you have found your way here, I imagine you are struggling with some aspect of your life.  You may be trying to come to terms with something that has happened to you or feel that you want to make changes in your life but have a sense of being stuck and unable to move forward.   Perhaps, in these uncertain times, things simply do not feel right, and you are experiencing anxiety or feeling depressed.


Sometimes... can feel really complicated and we need help to find our way through the difficulties we are experiencing. We may try to do this on our own but at times can end up feeling lost and confused. Recognising we need help takes courage and in taking this first step you do not have to go through the difficulties you are facing alone.


I will listen to you...

...without judging you, seeking to understand your world as you see and experience it. Working together I can help you to have a clearer understanding of yourself enabling you to make changes and move forward in life.

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