Walk and Talk therapy?

Walk and Talk therapy is simply taking your therapy session outdoors. For some clients being inside a therapy room with the therapist sitting opposite can feel quite intense. Walking next to each other in the fresh air, side-by-side, can feel less formal creating a sense of equality and calm. However, walking isn’t a must, sitting down somewhere in the open air, amongst nature can also be therapeutic.


What are the benefits of outdoor therapy?

Walk and Talk therapy combines the benefits of talking therapy with the freedom of being outside.  Walking, amongst nature can release endorphins which improves our sense of wellbeing and is helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Being outdoors also provides a different environment in which we can feel more energised, freeing our minds and bodies of any constraints.  This can help improve our self-esteem, boost our confidence and help us to find the clarity we need to move forward.

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Who is Walk and Talk Therapy for?

Walk and Talk therapy is effective for people of all ages. We will work together to tailor the session to meet your needs. This includes walking at your pace, taking regular breaks if required and ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Where do we walk?

We will agree in advance where to walk in Bath and plan a suitable route that meets your needs within our therapy session.


What about the weather?

We can discuss and agree what happens if the weather is inclement or even too hot. I am happy to walk in all weathers but fully understand if you would prefer to move the session indoors either in my private therapy room or online via zoom. This can be agreed on a session by session basis taking into consideration the predicted weather forecast.



Walk and Talk sessions start from £50.00 for a 50 minute session.

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